Gaming Monitors: Specifications You Need to Consider

Gaming monitors

Are there different monitors specifically for gaming?

Yes, some specific monitors are designed only for gaming. Gaming monitors are designed to make the output of your graphics card and CPU look as good as possible while gaming. The primary device displays the final image, where the clarity, resolution, graphics, motion, and color composition matter the most. Therefore, when considering what to look for in a gaming monitor, it’s better to have a detailed study of these gaming monitors’ specs and marketing into real-world performance. Monitors are the most overlooked part when looking for a simple upgrade of some components.

Some key points to know before buying a gaming monitor:


Gaming monitors

Resolution matters the most in gaming. Some manufacturers prefer one measurement of standard resolution 1080p*1440p refers to height, and 4k refers to width. Resolution higher than 1280*720 is called HD(high definition).

Screen Size

A large screen with a high resolution can be impactful while gaming. This is because the gamers can have a broad vision and spot the minute things that can be important. So the desktop setup might be worth considering our eyesight. 27”4K panel would give an immediate upgrade to our vision.

Gaming monitors

Fast response

One of the most annoying things that every gamer will face is the slow response from the system or monitor. It causes low visual artifacts like motion blur or trails behind the movement of the images. So the response time should be faster and measures the time it takes a single pixel to change color in milliseconds.


Gaming monitors

Gaming monitors often have adjustable heights, and tilt and can be rotated or moved according to the setup. It is called mounting.

Color Contrast

Monitors should display subtle shades of colors. If the monitors don’t have a smooth transition between the colors, we can see banding(stripes of contrasting colors). That could be disturbing for the gamers.

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