Zowie XL2546 240Hz Gaming Monitor Review

We all know that choosing the best gaming monitor can be a difficult task for many people, especially if you don’t have prior experience but don’t worry. In this article, we are going to discuss about our top pic gaming monitor Zowie XL2546. The Zowie XL2546 operates with a 240 Hz refresh rate and focuses on E-Sport players.

The DyAc technology that helps to operate the device is also an added feature for better performance. With the help of this feature, blurring will be reduced to unleash clear images. The product’s performance is one of its biggest assets that make gamers purchase it.

Performance And Display of Zowie XL2546

This is a TN panel gaming monitor of twenty-five inches. The 240 Hz refresh rate is one of the biggest advantages of using the monitor. 1000:1 contrast ratio and 1ms response are some amazing features the product has to offer you. There is every possibility to experience tight view angles due to the screen tech limitations.

This can as well as degrade the image quality and vibrancy. When you turn the device on for the first time, it may reflect total brightness. It simply means that the contrast ratio of the product is apoor. Buyers may not be able to discover many disadvantages of the product by tweaking and calibrating it. In fact, tweaking and calibration will help to improve the image quality.

Features And Design of Zowie XL2546

The functionality and aesthetics of the Zowie XL2546 monitor may not change even if it happens to be an innovative product. A slight improvement to the bezel-free design can help to boost the quality and value of the product. The plastic material used for the frame of the monitor may also display some limitations.

There is a gamut of flags in the design of this monitor. Among other rivals, the Zowie XL2546 monitor has shown some amazing improvements. The display of the images on your screen remains manageable for a long time. At least, you will not stress your eyes before viewing images on the XL2546 screen.

The monitor has subtle red accents and black color. It helps to boost the look and gamer-centric feature of the product. With a small bulge at the side, you will discover that the device has an angular shape.

This gaming monitor is blur-free and responsive. These features make the product great for any professional E-Sports lover. The superb performance cannot be ignored when using this gaming monitor. It will take time for players to start adapting to the product’s Adaptive-Sync feature.

The Zowie XL2546 monitor may not be the best to improve your gaming experience, but it can help teach you new things. It is an innovative monitor that can work well for people looking to purchase an affordable product. Remember that a slight calibration and tweaking can help you enjoy the image quality of the product.

The 240 Hz refresh rate is another great feature that helps the device display moving images without any difficulties. Without much deliberation, it is evident that the XL2546 gaming monitor will be great for both veteran and newbie gamers. It is like a product that can help you get started under a limited budget.

The Difference Of 144Hz Monitors With G-Sync Vs. FreeSync Technology

It is annoying when you experience screen tearing in your computer. Stuttering and gross horizontal images can also ruin the title of your PC game. 144Hz monitors with the V-Sync technology may be an alternative in the midst of chaos. However, the performance of your game may be affected if you do not have a high-end PC system.

AMD and Nvidia have been promising to resolve the problem while maintaining framerates. These producers are currently adopting refresh technology to handle the problem. Keep reading to discover the benefits of using 144Hz monitors with G-Sync vs FreeSync technology.


144Hz monitors with the FreeSync and G-Sync technology are created to prevent screen tearing, lower input lag and smooth out gameplay. To accomplish this object, each technology has different ways to operate.

  1. The unique difference is that one technology openly shares the procedure while the other closely protects them.
  2. FreeSync often makes use of video card’s performance to maintain the refresh rate of the monitor. This is done by simply adding the adaptive sync model designed within the DisplayPort platform.
  3. In the case of G-Sync, a chip is added in the design of your monitor. If your quest is for a smooth PC gaming experience, then you will have to decide between FreeSync or G-Sync monitors.

Choosing A Side

A closed and open standard remains one of the common differences people usually emphasise on with respect to the FreeSync and G-Sync technology. The FreeSync technology is always free for anyone to use. Using the FreeSync technology will have to deal with the objective of the program. However, the G-Sync technology needs the cooperation to use and the company’s permission.

In time past, people often prefer using the FreeSync technology due to its free and open accessibility. Nevertheless, the usage of both technologies is even at the moment. Still, it is your discretion that may be needed to choose either between FreeSync or G-Sync. Once your decision is made, then you can buy a GPU and monitor that suit your curiosity.


In a plethora of ways, you will find differences between the two technologies. The FreeSync technology has the complete capability of lowering stuttering and tearing when enabled. Nonetheless, FreeSync can also experience another problem called ghosting.

It is important to know that both standards will experience some difficulties when the framerate is not operating in the same refresh range of the monitor. With flickering at a reduced framerate, the G-Sync technology will experience some problems.

Though, it may pay for it in the long run, but there are exceptions. If the framerate falls below your monitor’s approved minimum refresh rate, the FreeSync model will start to stutter. Many users highly prefer the quality of G-Sync because it doesn’t display stutter complications at reduced framerates.

This implies that in real-world conditions, the G-Sync technology is smoother. Studies have shown that certain monitors with the FreeSync technology have a much reduced adaptive refresh range. There will be problem if your video card is unable to provide frames in the same range.

Gamers will have to invest around 1000 dollars extra on their graphics and G-Sync monitor. This is highly crucial if you want to elevate to a powerful graphics card that has the capability of handling to a powerful graphics card that has the capability of handling 4k gaming systems. On the other hand, getting into the bottom level of the FreeSync technology only requires around six hundred dollars.

Why Is Water Rationing Important?

These days, it is not difficult to come across a time in your life when your water outlet systems start giving out hard or saline water which has high contents of calcium and magnesium deposits. It is a common occurrence in the urban areas especially, where hard water is a daily reality, and people have to make use of it in their chores. Be it cooking, washing clothes, watering plants, even drinking – you need to first remove these calcium and magnesium deposits through a scientific device or system, by choosing a water softener, and then use it. If not, hard water can leave you with many complications in your daily life. Some ways in which hard water affects you, are:

• While initially drinking hard water can be safe, and your health will not be affected. But gradually, it can lead to over-consumption of calcium and magnesium salts leading to medical complications.

• Hard water is very harmful for your skin. It can damage your PH level and cause your hair to be dry and flaky. It will reduce moisture and leave behind an oily film that can, over time, cause skin diseases as well.

• Washing clothes is a painful task with hard water because it does not create any foam or froth. The fabric can break down and chaff up very quickly.

• Once you run hard water through different appliances such as your washing machine, dishwasher, utensils, kettles, heating systems or even air conditioning systems, they will develop small spots on it, get a layer of film and over a few years time, stop functioning altogether.

• Hard water can block up your plumbing and piping system by creating mineral deposits that act like small rocks. They will just keep getting bigger in size until removed, which is a costly process and requires skill.

All of the above-mentioned problems can be solved by a simple task of choosing a water softener that meets the immediate needs of your family. A water softener is a necessary addition to your home because living with a hard water supply can be dangerous for you and your family’s health in the long run. A simple softener runs on the basic science of using valves and motors to remove calcium, magnesium and lime scale and make the water softer.

How to choose a good water softener?

Two main characteristics mark the best water softening device:

1. COST EFFECTIVENESS: This is a service that requires daily usage and thus also regular maintenance. This means that a good water softener must be cheap and affordable. It should also require very less frequent maintenance so that extra costs are not spent uselessly. Choosing a water softener is a matter of convenience and overall health of the entire family. It does not come cheap but also should not cost the family a fortune.

2. EFFICIENCY: Being cheap has no value if the product is not efficient and worth the money you pay. It should meet the requirements of the family without breaking down easily. Sometimes the water intake of a larger family is obviously larger, and thus every softening device should be equipped to handle the burden.

There is no question in the fact that every household needs a water softener, especially in the urban side of town. Hard water may sabotage many aspects of your living in a number of ways as noted above, so it is always advisable to act quickly in precaution. Choosing a water softener is not difficult once you know a brand you can trust!