Three New Nintendo 2DS XL handhelds Are Launching On 28 Sep

Three New Nintendo 2DS XL handhelds Are Launching On 28 Sep

The game of living forever is that the Nintendo 3DS family is all about. In 2011, the premier iteration of the hardware was unleashed. Seven years later, it is a pleasure to see Nintendo unleashing 3 new bundles. These 3 bundles also come with an old game that aired in the past seven years. The bundles will come in a gamut of color designs on the 2DS XL Nintendo along with Mario Kart 7 pre-installed. The bundles will come in white & orange, turquoise & black and silver & purple. Checking the official page of Nintendo will give you a clear view of these bundles.

The retail price for these bundles is around one hundred and fifty dollars and will air on September 28. If Nintendo is one of your favorite gaming brands, then it is a good idea to check out the deals available for players. The white & orange new 2DS XL bundle will cost you around one hundred and fifty dollars. The turquoise & black new 2DS XL bundle is 150 dollars for purchase. The silver & purple new 2DS XL bundle is also the same price as the rest.

Are there any benefits to purchasing a new 2DS XL today? The truth is that the iteration of the 3DS family remains impeccable. The color of a new 2DS XL is also great and amazing to behold. If you want to get more details on the benefits of purchasing a new 2DS XL, simply hover over the Nintendo official page for more information. Another thing to know is that all Nintendo 3DS and DS games can be played on it. This is one of the best gaming libraries that you can find in the gaming record.

Records have shown that the Nintendo Switch has been for some time now. The truth is that 3DS games are still up for grabs in today’s dispensation. For instance, August of 2018 revealed a great game called the delightful and bizarre WarioWare Gold. In December, there will be a remake for the GameCube elegant Luigi’s Mansion. Early next year will be the time to welcome the first-person RPG game called the Etrian Odyssey Nexus. The bundled game of Mario Kart 7 should not be ignored even for displaying a retro at this juncture. Irrespective of your preference either 3DS or 2DS, it is better to give these games a try. These bundles will give you more information about the games above.


Are you a big fan of Nintendo? If you are one of the gaming enthusiasts that love the brand called Nintendo, then wake up because the morning is near. Nintendo has arrays of amazing games to offer you this year. With the 2DS XL bundles, you will be happy to see new games. Apart from the colors of these bundles, you will enjoy every bit of the features of the games listed above. If you are curious, then check the Nintendo’s official page for more information.

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